A Seasonal Supper, tasty & meat free…… (memoirs from a recovering carnivore)

It’s been a few weeks since my last post “Meat as a treat” which you can read here:


My Flexitarian journey continues & my mantra of only purchasing the very best welfare friendly meat is still upheld, I no longer eat any meat unless I’m fully assured of its origin. I was never big into processed food but enjoyed the odd sausage roll, sliced ham or scotch egg and maybe a pork pie once in a while. It’s probably fair to say I ate too much meat on a regular basis, I’ve only eaten chicken once since my last blog it was free range and organic at just under 10 pounds in money for a 1.6kg chicken it didn’t go that far, but it was definitely worth it. The biggest difference was the texture of the meat it was very firm & not soft or watery in any way. The flavour was pronounced with a natural succulence and sweetness from a corn fed diet, but ultimately this was meat that had been worked from a chicken that had exercised & ranged for its food…..

Whilst I was in school the other day seeing the headteacher as part of my governor duties, on his desk, unusually, was a large quantity of squash all shapes sizes and colours, he saw my interest and said; “a grandparent of one of the pupils grows them and brought them in, quite what I’m going to do with them all, I’m not sure” he proffered, I could do a few things I thought but before we exchanged recipe ideas we were called into a meeting and it was all forgotten about or so I thought……

A couple of days later I had my wife’s car to go shopping I opened the boot to load up & there they were, quite literally a boot full, it was now my problem to do something with them; I was happy to oblige.

So for supper tonight we had oven roasted Squash with a stuffing of mushrooms, leeks, garlic, onions & peppers topped with Pecorino cheese and served with a side of ratatouille left over from another meat free supper this week, it was delicious and hardly cost anything as the squash were free!

I’m not going to be a keyboard warrior here and preach to you about how much better my life is, I’m certainly not going to suggest you should all go and do the same and eat less meat- (although there’s a real benefit to the environment and our health the experts reckon) I’m trying to do 4 out of 7 days at the moment. I’m not even going to tell you how much weight has fallen off or how good I feel, because I haven’t really noticed. What I will say though is I feel less guilty and more morally aware of my decision to eat meat, I eat meat far less but when I do eat it I enjoy it more knowing that it has the highest welfare and if there’s any doubt about that whilst I’m eating out then it’s the veggie option or fish for me (ensuring the fish is sustainable of course, more on that later) 

I do however feel that we should all think hard about the moral aspects of being carnivores, it really is the least we can do, we need to purchase our meat with a conscience and ensure that the animals that feed us are treated humanely.

I will get around to some recipes soon I promise…..

Happy cooking 



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