Meat as a treat!  a little less quantity with an emphasis on quality…….

Who’d of thought it would take an article like the one below to completely turn me away from eating meat every day, the problem is we’ve all come so accustomed to eating meat every day that these huge processing plants have sprung up to cope with demand, when meat really should be a treat. I’ve made a conscious decision to eat meat less but when I do eat it it will be the very best available to me in terms of welfare & quality, only the best local (organic where possible), meat will be cooked in the Addis-Fuller household from now on.

I have now become what is now recognised as a Flexitarian a flexible vegetarian to you & I. 

I still eat meat-but I have to say-I have given it some really good thought and looked at the pros and cons with regards to the ethics and environmental impact of eating meat and it doesn’t make pretty reading. The whole industrialisation of the industry  is as about as removed from pictures of grazing cattle, country meadows, lush green pasture and farm gates as it gets,  vast swathes of urban land have been turned into clinical processing plants on a monstrous scale like the one mentioned below that has been involved in the latest scandal to hit the industry.

I’ve done some real soul searching and asked myself if I wanted to continue eating meat if it was produced in such places? The answer was unequivocally no. 

I then got into some really lively debate with carnivores & vegetarians/vegans to which I found myself sticking up for the latter after there was what can only be called as vegan bashing comments going on, these were some of the replies to my post…….

I had quite a few more responses to my original comment all from vegan & vegetarian people agreeing with my opinion. I’m not about to start preaching or even pretend I know everything about the environmental & ethical implications that meat eating has on our planet, although from what I’ve read so far it would help enormously if we all ate less meat as it is very damaging to the planet growing so much food just to feed animals & the amount of damage livestock grazing and the amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced  combined is hugely significant in damaging natural habitats. Put this altogether with the super industrial size dairies & so called farms/caged colonies of livestock and poultry that then get processed in these huge plants where the emphasis is on scale, quantity and economy I am happy to say that super market meat will never enter my body again.

I’m pretty sure I can safely say we would all benefit from eating less meat, it’s definitely healthier for us and at a risk of sounding a bit hippyish it would surely benefit the planet.

Here are some of the great dishes that I’ve enjoyed cooking & eating this week all with one thing in common….

#Meatfree 5 bean & 9 different vegetables in this vegan chilli

Inspired vegan cooking coconut, cashew & roasted cauliflower curry in a Thai style sauce

Recipes to follow soon

I also think it keeps a cook on his/her toes to cook meat free, it definitely requires a good palate & technique along with a sound knowledge of seasoning, spices & herbs to bring out flavours & deliver a healthy hearty meal that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry, luckily I’ve always cooked a good range of meat free dishes for my customers & I’ve personally always had less meat during the summer months naturally as I love salads, fruits & vegetables. So I’m happy to experiment with nature’s bounty of ingredients……..


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