The not so Secret Supper Club! At the Penycae Inn……


I remember the day well; I was driving to work up through the Brecon Beacons en route from Swansea when I got the call……

It was from a fellow chef, and good friend, Dai Gibbs “Hi Andy it’s Dai Gibbs”, said the voice. I did the usual “Gibbsyyyy”! greeting. “What can I do for you? I said. “I’ve got a channel 4 crew down here filming some new series with a guy called Olly Smith, I said who?! He said “ya know that wine guy from Saturday kitchen and Iron Chef and all that” I said “oh?”

“He’s looking for a chef urgently to help them out tomorrow and I told them you’re the best chef in Wales!” “Thanks Dai, I think?” I said.

Long story short; I went, I cooked; we impressed (myself and my mate- another Dai!) The rest they say is history!

We went on and filmed the rest of the series “The Secret Supper Club” for channel 4 and we had a great time!

 Andy and Dai Jones the original Secret Supper Chefs! 
Fast forward five years; and we finally  got around to hosting a supper club of our very own. What is a supper club you may ask?

Well they have various formats, when we filmed The Secret Supper Club for the channel 4 series it entailed us travelling around the UK, seeking out amazing and sometimes unusual ingredients then along with the many equally amazing and sometimes unusual characters that grew, reared or procured the ingredients. We organised a dinner party (supper club) with between 10 or 12 guests in a secret location and then filmed the ensuing chaos, great fun!

Equally there are a number of Supper Clubs that operate in towns and cities with a distinctly covert, underground feel. In an almost mission impossible way the location is revealed to a select few via a social media forum with an elusive manner the message all but self destructs! Maybe not quite but you get my point? These Supper Clubs are held in people’s houses, basements or even garages.

Well our Supper Club was neither really, we just find really good venues then using our local knowledge & some reputable suppliers we write a menu to suit the season & our surroundings. Then we proceed to shout about it on all media forums to all & sundry until we’ve sold all available space-so not that secret then!-So I got talking to my good friend Anthony, chef & proprietor of the fabulous Penycae Inn restaurant and he suggested we do a Supper Club with him, sounds like a plan, I thought,
So Watch this Space……..
Some previous Supper Club antics!
Preparing the ribs   
The Marinade 

The Smoke             

Dai chef the original Secret Supper Club chef!    

Perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs x60 please chef! 

Andy, quite literally the oldest member of the supper club team.

Woody the newest member of our supper club team!


Andy and Gemma aka the missus! With Woody.

Sea Bass with cockle popcorn and crispy sea herbs.

The Beef dish, tournedos with smoked, braised rib meat…….

A fine selection of Welsh cheeses with home made chutney and oat cakes.

Perfectly topped creme brûlée x60 please!


  A fabulous selection of wines, perks of the job!
Fuller Flavour Supper Club, for more info follow @fullerchef on Twitter or Fuller Flavour on Facebook.
See you soon



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