My Gower Larder, June.


Andy Addis-Fuller is an award winning chef and business man working on Gower. He has over 20 years experience at the stoves. He has worked in Michelin starred kitchens in Wales and France. His food has been praised by the most discerning critics including a favourable review from the late Michael Winner in his Sunday Times column.
He has his own company Fuller Flavour and provides consultancy and training for chefs and food businesses in Wales. He was food consultant to Channel 4’s Secret Supper Club. A passionate foodie he believes in using the Gower as an extended larder for his kitchens.

June on Gower
The first week of June heralds the start of one of Gowers most prized ingredients; Salt Marsh Lamb. On the northen edge of the peninsula lies Llanrhidian marsh, this unique environment has been a natural area for grazing animals for millennia. It has an abundance of natural wild grasses, flora and herbs such as Samphire, Sorel, Sea lavender and Thrift. These provide a rich source of nourishment for the lambs but are also delicious to forage and eat. This natural wild pasture has a secret combination of vitamins herbs and minerals that delicately flavour the meat. The appearance of the meat is a deep red and much darker than normal spring lamb. The meat is naturally sweet with crisp white fat spread evenly on the carcuss. As these lambs are physically fitter and healthier they therefore have pronounced muscle tone from all the exercise they get navigating the daily tide.
As a chef it is very exciting to have such a world class seasonal product on my doorstep. I relish the fact that I can open my kitchen door and look out on to my extended larder. Celebrate the season and buy some Salt Marsh Lamb today, better still come and see us at the Ship Inn, Port Eynon and we’ll cook it for you as it’s on our menus now.


Weobley Salt Marsh Lamb available now and until the end of September.



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