Shhh! The worst kept secret…



The spring has been brushed aside,, Summer wants to announce its self, but before it goes spring would like the final say.

Salt Marsh Lamb, whispers are heard around the Marsh on the Gower……

Salt Marsh Lamb!, shout it from the roof tops if you like. Gowers worst kept secret is out. Announce it with loud speakers like the French do as the first Beaujolais nouveaux bottles leave the barrels, proclaiming c’est arrivee!

Clever people the French they’ve been swiping our very own Salt Marsh Lamb from under our noses for some time now, under the guise of pre sal it disappears to the continent some times before the butchers block gets a look in. Transported live they eagerly await the new season, knives sharpened it’s cooked and on the plate before you can say Mon dieux!

Before you get the wrong impression, I’m not trying to make out that the French are a bunch of blood thirsty rustlers. They just cottoned on a bit quicker than us to the fact we have a world class, naturally occurring seasonal product that tastes so damn good.

But down here at Weobley castle, the battle lines have been etched in the sandy marsh. Welsh flag in hand we are claiming our stake, I’m even going down next week on just to over see operations at the first cutting. It’s ours and it’s going on our menus, so keep your hands off!


Local Weobley Castle Salt Marsh Lamb is available from 17th June and will be on our menus at the Ship Inn, Port Eynon…. pub The Ship Inn Port Eynon later that week.


Come along and taste, celebrate the new season with us.



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