Summers over! Time to get creative…


I love this time of year, we’ve bid our fond farewells to the masses of holidaying tourists aka “the bucket and spade brigade” taking with them the demand for fast food accompanied with mounds of chips.

I have no real resentment for them, I have two little ones of my own and know only too well the need to get them fed and watered before over-tiredness kicks in and tantrums start, especially after a full day on the beach. This is the aspect of my business I least like, just being a service provider. But I’d like to think we do it well and It provides a large proportion of our annual turnover so is vital to the business as a whole.

But there is no escaping the fact that I’m a chef first and foremost and a businessman second so it’s hard suppress the creative urge, be it only for six weeks or so of summer, so the specials board has been my saviour!


At the Kings Head, Llangennith, Gower we are perfectly located to have top pickings of all the local seafood. Surrounded by fertile marshes and with a superb tidal flow we have some of the best shellfish and Sea Bass in the British isles, so we’d be crazy not to include this on our menus. It has been well received and has taken us all by surprise with demand far outstripping supply most of the time. A real result in favour of freshness.


Mussels in Welsh Cider with leeks and marsh Samphire (one of our top sellers this summer)


Oysters with locally smoked salmon and Caviar from our seafood evening.


Dover soles cooked a la Meuniere lined up on the pass.


Another of our biggest sellers this summer “Seafood Mix Grill” in white wine and garlic butter.


One of my personal favourites Tempura of seafood, this has red mullet, John Dory, Bass, squid and scallops with my version of an oriental style dipping sauce.

These are just a few of the fish specials on the menu this summer and now the pressure is off volume wise we can continue to get creative. We have some festivals to focus on, first up the Abergavenny food festival which has quite a reputation as one of the UK’s leading artisan food festivals it has been called the Cannes of the foodie calendar. I have been a supplier and a guest speaker several times over the years and will be there this year on consultancy business.

We then have our very own festival at the Kings Head on October the 11th with ales from our own Gower Brewery we’ve decided this year we are going to embrace the continental approach to the food offer with our version of street food centering on the humble sausage! But as anyone who knows me will contest that we have a lot more than that up our sleeves….so don’t be fooled the humble sausage will rise again (quite a vulgar statement I know) all good fun though and some pretty good music to see us through too.

I can’t forget to mention my little trip Bari, Puglia, Italy to spend some time with some expert artisan salami producers (very excited) look out for my dedicated blog on this subject on my return…..

So I know where I’ll be this autumn, so come & see us if you can at the Kings head, Gower or maybe at Abergavenny food festival. I leave you now with some mouthwatering pictures of another popular seller this summer the classic “Lobster Thermidor” with local Gower lobster, will have recipes soon.





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