Doing what it says on the tin (and a bit more!)

Q gardens farm shop & tea rooms, Harwell Oxfordshire


It’s refreshing to find a business (in this case a farm shop) that does exactly what it says on the tin. What do I mean by this you may ask? Well I’ll tell you….

Whilst out with family recently in a beautiful part of Oxfordshire, (Blewbury to be exact) we got in the car and drove a few miles to Harwell. We had the little ones in the car comprising of a 7 year old a 3 and 4 year old. The second car was carrying the in laws with the baby.

I was happy that our destination was a renown local farm shop specialising in home reared Beef and Lamb, but was unsure as to how it would fit the bill with the others especially little ones?

As we pulled up it started to make sense and I felt a bit easier about my selfish desire to experience the best of local produce and my inner foodie faith was instantly restored. The farm shop makes and sells their own ice cream so that was a big tick in child/family friendly department. As you walk in you are confronted with boxes of loose seasonal home grown fruits and vegetables. Then a vast meat counter displays all the various cuts of home reared meats.




A friendly knowledgeable chap “Ray” was working at the block we hit it off straight away. I started by telling him how good the beef flat ribs looked and 20 minutes later we had talked at length about his experience in the trade and my forays into butchery and retail development for catering butchers. He was 63 and been at the block from the age of 15. I have nothing but respect for that commitment to ones trade and he has no plans to retire just yet!


He said “I’ve worked for some top butchers in the area over the years supplying top local restaurants but in all those years this place has the edge.
It stays true to it’s ethos of farm to shop, the beef and lamb is all our own and grazes just over the road”.


So the edges of our day were rounded of nicely on our return to Blewbury as we called into the Red lion pub to sample some of the local ale by the Brakespear brewery. Brother in law lit the barbecue and the aroma of charcoal and roasting meat filled the air as we sat in quiet anticipation, happy daze!




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  1. It’s great to hear of local farm shops that are thriving and giving the industry a good name. Glad the whole family enjoyed the day out too 🙂

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