Gorseinon Food Festival 2013

Gorseinon, perhaps doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy or quite carry the gravitas of say Abergavenny in the food festival “steaks” (and yes I did mean to spell it that way) but don’t dismiss it just yet….

Location, location is the order of the day, for one thing this festival has got tucked firmly up it’s sleeve is that it is “The” Gateway to the Gower, now then has that got you sitting up and paying attention?

Any foodie worth their “salt” knows what the Gower means as a rich artisan and cultural food producing patch of land. The peninsula and it’s communities have been farming and fishing this biodiverse land for centuries, (millennia even as some archeological caves have proved) but will leave the history lesson for another day….

Gower has it’s own micro climate, a superb tidal flow with natural estuaries and it’s rugged, rocky surf washed beaches make it ideal for shellfish and lobsters.
Just last summer I had one of the largest lobsters ever caught in Welsh waters delivered to my kitchen, a hen lobster weighing nearly 14 pounds in weight and estimated to be 40 years old! What did we make with it you may ask? We didn’t, we took her back to her natural environment just of Rhossili to live another day….



Oh did I forget to mention, we got a shed load of publicity and made the Itv news…it probably would’ve been tough anyway.

So Gorseinon, although not the most melifluous of names to roll of the tongue, is punching above it’s weight. The number of small cottage industry producers in such a small area guarantees it to be good, not to mention all the craft producers creating wonderfully distinct, quality items.



All this well organised and conveniently placed under a very large roof is not to be missed.
But don’t take my word for it come along and see for yourselves.

I’m of course totally biased as I am a volunteer organiser but in my opinion it is one of the best examples of a food festival that I’ve had the privilege to be part of.
I can speak with some authority as I have been chef speaker with the Abergavenny Food Festival for many years and delighted that Gorseinon Food Festival is on my doorstep.
I will of course be cooking up some tasty treats on the day with Sian Day from the Vintage Tea Company and Suzy Williams from Ty Syriol Pork.

See you there




27th April 2013 10am-5pm
Admission £3.00
Under 12’s free
Free parking, (park and ride)
Children’s Entertainment


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