“Feeling a bit Horse”


Home made Beefburger 100% beef served open topped with buffalo mozzarella, homemade sourdough bun, homemade relish as it should be..

I sat back and listened, pondered and read a little, chuckled to myself and read some more about the various accounts regarding the fiasco over finding horse DNA in supermarket burgers. Okay so I do feel quite smug that only days before I blogged on the importance of trusting your butcher and was forthright with my views on supermarket meat. After all what do people expect, seriously if your willing to part with so little cash for your food you are hardly to expect a great deal in return, I was actually suprised there was meat at all in these products. Almost 29% meat in one batch of burgers albeit horse not beef!

So after listening to and reading all the gags over the last week we have to read between the lines and look at the seriousness of whats happened (it would be easy here to harp on about the virtues of pedigree, dry aged, organic meat and such but not appropriate) for the real issue is money or lack of it.

We should be looking at the demographic of the people who buy such products are they large familys with six or more mouths to feed on a tight budget trying to stretch every penny or is it solitary individuals blighted with drink or drug problems who spend more on scratch cards than on food, searching for the next hit?
Then we realise the purpose of supermarket budget brands, the clues are there, next time your picking up your half price red wine down from £9.99 look out for the ghastly budget brands you may be suprised, cans of beer/lager at 43p. Spirits for less than a fiver.
It’s a sub culture that our supermarkets are very happy to subsidise and if there is money to be made & short cuts to be taken then as they frequently tell us “Every Little Helps”


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