“A Game Plan”


“A Game plan”

The last few weeks of the game season are upon us, for those of us lucky enough to have a glut of spoils feathered or furred stacking up in the freezer. It is an ideal time to have a clear out. A good casserole or pie is an ideal dish for a sumptuous supper to ward off the winter & warm the soul.
There is something very satisfying about making a casserole or pie (I’m a pie man myself) you can make it very simple or put the radio on & spend all afternoon on it. I prefer the latter getting lost in the classic basic technique of distilling flavour, chopping my vegetables & cooking them up with some lardons of slightly smoked bacon adding my bouquet of aromats & herbs. Browning my meat meticulously insuring every edge is coloured evenly…..
On with the stock & a light deglazing of pans with fortified wine (my favourite is Madeira) & then on with the lid & in the oven for a slow braise.
Then the pastry, I love pastry I never measure or weigh It’s all done by look & feel (although I do speak with over 20 years of experience), there is nothing wrong with weights & measures of course but I like the slight variation you get by flying by the seat of your pants so to speak. I find it gives a dish character & individuality. So find the time, throw caution to the wind & enjoy yourself.




  1. BenHolbrook · · Reply

    Didn’t realise that you were also a talented writer. A man of many talents!

    1. Very kind of you to say so, working on a cookbook at the moment so need to practice…

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