We are several weeks in to what is undoubtedly the longest heatwave in recent memory with record high temperatures being smashed on almost a daily basis. I have to pinch myself to check it’s real, Porthmadog in North Wales had the highest daily temperature at 33 degrees the other day, down here in Swansea it […]

Chowder it seems means many things to many people. It’s a minefield of ideals and opinions cooks and chef’s hotly contest and debate which ingredients should or shouldn’t be used and everyone seems to have an award winning recipe. To some a chowder is strictly vegetarian using only the freshest vegetables from the season such […]

One chef two very different sets of whites!I’m 41 years of age and I’ve been working in commercial kitchens since I was 12, I got my first qualifications in the industry when I was 16 so this is the official start date of my career in my mind. With this in mind I’ll be celebrating […]

I remember the day well, I was 19 years of age and had been a chef since I was 16, I was working down the road at Langoed Hall as a pastry chef. I’d been a chef in a busy award winning Pub in the Lake District and the slow, infact very slow pace of […]

A full moon hangs brightly against a crystal clear November skyline, the distant pops & crackles of a premature fireworks display can be heard followed by a deafening BANG nearby. The thick scent of sulphur hangs in the air which is decidedly colder tonight, a reminder that winter has crept upon us once again. I’m […]

It’s been a few weeks since my last post “Meat as a treat” which you can read here: https://fullerflavour.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/meat-as-a-treat-a-little-less-quantity-with-an-emphasis-on-quality/ My Flexitarian journey continues & my mantra of only purchasing the very best welfare friendly meat is still upheld, I no longer eat any meat unless I’m fully assured of its origin. I was never big […]

Who’d of thought it would take an article like the one below to completely turn me away from eating meat every day, the problem is we’ve all come so accustomed to eating meat every day that these huge processing plants have sprung up to cope with demand, when meat really should be a treat. I’ve […]